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J&W Construction LLC

1422 N Washington Street • Auburn, KS 66402

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Your home is an important investment. Count on the professionals at J&W Construction, LLC of Auburn, KS for exceptional roofing and building services!

Maintain the visual appeal and durability of your home with our comprehensive construction services. We install your home a new roof for prevention of water damage, count on us to take care of everything!


You can also rely on our team to clean up the mess after the construction.

Let Us Help You with Your Post-Frame Building and Roofing Work

Depend On Us for Fast and Efficient Construction Services!



Get prompt and exceptional construction services from our experienced crew. You'll also be pleased to know that we use quality materials to provide you with a long-lasting product!


Give us a call at 785-806-3834 and get FREE estimates on construction services to learn more about your options.

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